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Once a day, allow yourself the freedom to dream...

There are moments in our lives where like waking from a dream, we are given the opportunity to challenge the status quo of our existence. In these moments we have the choice to either embrace the opportunity to redefine ourselves, or fall back asleep and continue down our well-trodden path of mediocrity, a path that is as familiar as it is mundane. I faced one such crossroads after watching the film "The Motorcycle Diaries" - a story about one man's journey of self-discovery through his connections with others. But by grace I made a choice that forever changed the way that I relate to myself and the world.

I had an epiphany and faced a defining moment. Was I going to follow my dreams or was I going to stay stuck in an environment that stifled my passion and was destroying my spirit. Thankfully, I chose to shed the toxic environment of my old life. I went from working behind a slab of wood for 16 hours a day, pursuing a life someone else had chosen for me, to a pilgrimage of self- discovery. I traded in my luxury car and brief case for a pair of walking shoes and a backpack- relying on the grace and company of total strangers as I set out on a journey to reconnect to the human spirit in myself and others. In that moment of choice my life forever changed; a metamorphosis retold in Amazing Adventures of a Nobody.

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March 29th and 30th
San Diego Adventure Travel Show

May 2nd
Toronto - National Innovation Conference

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