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4 Quick Tips for Holiday Kindness

Give a homeless person some socks As the winter months roll in, one of the most sought after items for the homeless is socks. If you have the time, please spare a moment and gift a few pairs to those in need in your local area and or shelter. Say their name Did you know homeless people very rarely hear their name? It’s dehumanizing, and they fade into anonymity. When you are out gifting socks, ask them their name and repeat it back to them. “Nice to meet you, NAME!” Check on elderly relatives The holidays can be a lonely time for many, despite the festivities. Please check in with the elderly in your family and extended family to make sure they're not alone this season. Be Kind To Yourself It’s the holidays! Yes we must look out for others, but please take time for yourself to unwind, relax, and recuperate. You deserve it. 😀

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