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How I Survived The Rwandan Genocide

Consolee Nishimwe was 14 years old when she survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. She suffered insurmountable physical and emotional torture for three months, hiding from place to place to evade capture and certain death. In the end, she miraculously survived with her mother and younger sister. Her father and three young brothers were savagely murdered. Consolee’s miraculous and inspiring story of survival is a grim testament of hope and faith triumphing over tragedy. It provides lessons that will help anyone who is grappling with difficulties in their life. Consolee is a committed speaker on the genocide, a defender of global women’s rights, and an advocate for other genocide survivors. Our conversation contains difficult topics, so be aware. When we face the darkness around us, it can lead us to understand the light. This powerful conversation will move you and show you that even in the darkest times, hope can be a light to guide us.


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